Everything started from here

Our story began in 1947, when Michele Loffredo dedicated himself to the production of ice cream cones in a small laboratory in the heart of Puglia. We are in the immediate post-war period and production begins with the very first manual cast iron machines.

Giuseppe Loffredo

Michele is joined by the hands of his son Giuseppe, who inaugurate new lines of products, including "WAFERS FRU-FRU", crispy wafers presented in an artistic tin pack, which become a symbol of quality production in Southern Italy.


In 1967 La Disfida was the first company in the south Italy to modernize with automatic machines, starting the production of molded and rolled cones and pods. The enthusiasm and optimism in the growth of consumption pushes Giuseppe Loffredo to develop family-size packaging for large retailers


In the 2000s we were one of the first companies in Italy to pay particular attention to the consumer and his correct lifestyle through the production of gluten-free and organic cones and waffles. With the aim of being always ready in front of a constantly evolving market and an increasingly demanding consumer, the company today boasts a wide range of cones and waffles, also decorated, cannoli, cigarettes, folding fans, mini cones, ingredients for ice cream and much more